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Is anybody in here?..

Welcome to Casal2, Brit - thanks for contributing!

Iā€™m going to set up a test category, as a place to play and figure out how to use the forum. Do you think that would be useful/helpful?

Hi, @kath.large I am only here to ask whether this community is active or not as it seems pretty much dead to me. Very limited content has been posted here.

It is not dead but, as you observe, it is not especially active either. At present there is only a small user community and most issues are being dealt with without being raised on this platform.
There is, however, an R package developed to help with post processing and presenting results from Casal2 runs that we will advertise on this site today/tomorrow.
By the way, Kath Large is no longer involved with Casal2 development.

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Thanks for clearing some confusions.