R package for Casal2

Hi all,

we have been working on a R package to help plot and interpret Casal2 models called r4Casal2. A link to the GitHub repository can be found here.

There is also an online Gitbook for this package found here. This Gitbook demonstrates some of the functionality of the r4Casal2 R package.

Can you give a time frame for releasing this R package? I am keenly waiting for it.

You “should” be able to install it from GitHub. The readme of the r4Casal2 GitHub repository has instructions for installation. Otherwise there is a section in the readme that describes how you can download a .tar.gz version. We don’t plan to add this to CRAN.

Also this package will be in continued development so I suggest keeping an eye on the repository. Or cloning the repo so you could also contribute in the future.